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Located At 404 Euclid Ave. Ste 101 San Diego, Ca 92114

We provide Armed Security For All of The Jacobs Center Properties And Event's 24 Hours A Day.


Lunch Is On Us At Our Market Creek Plaza Shopping Mall we protect belonging to The Jacobs Center As Well

We Cover All Of San Diego
Armed & Unarmed Security Officer's

The Chula vista Private Security staff has worked on award-winning creative properties for some of the largest companies in san Diego. We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each client with care and consideration. We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of creatives with the diverse skills needed to solve any problem. No issue is too big or too small. 

Actions Speaks Louder Than Words

Not everyone can put on a uniform and become a change to his or her community.

Not everyone is a good fit for CVPS company due to attitude towards themselves and the public people we serve everyday.

Some security guards and security officer's watch too many You Tube video's of real cop's doing a real dangerous job!  : )

Some security guards create a dangerous situation, just to get a little action and believes he has police power's until the police show :) Then he's back to the guard again as if he was not the cause of the whole event that unfolded :)


I'm Sure We Have Met Security Officer's Like This At Some Point In Someone's Business Or Property.

These guards put on a badge with the mind set of ( The World and Public People Are Now Under My Command Starting Now! 

 Too funny  :)

What's Not Funny Is That This Same None Trained Security Guard, Or Guard's Could, Or Is The Big Reason Why Your Business Is Losing Customer's As Well Tenant's! 

The Attitude Of Employee's Is 9 Times Out Of 10 Is The Attitude The Leading Boss Who Hired This Person In The First Place.


Here at Chula Vista Security we aim to help our youth and families with love and understanding of each other and life itself while on the lookout for unwanted criminal minded people hiding among the good and happy people. We Protect people and property. This is our job. 

You are not just hiring a warm body, you're getting a trained security officer to your wonderful community as well as a person who cares about people and property, throughout San Diego.

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Depending on the situation at hand and the crime commited In Your Presents; Stop! Back Away! And Pray Help From PD Is Getting Closer To Your Location!

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Our Team


San Diego Coming Together For A Good Change In People

We try do our part in any community we work and protect by proper training and understanding of people, feelings, moods, and actions. Our role as a security officer in the community we serve is to help bring everyone together to keep one another safe and the bad people out!